While exploring "the world of blockchains" trying coding wallets for different cryptocurrencies, in February 2021, DZ found Cardano. He studied UTXO, learned Haskell, and went through the first cohort of the Plutus Pioneers course.
At the beginning of the CNFT era, he got an idea to create something unique: an audio collection, which would be made only by transactions. If NFTs are created on the fly, there is no way for a creator to manipulate stock or gift the rarest pieces to friends. This approach also suits the Cardano time-limited minting policies.
All of this grew into a bigger idea and led DZ to spend most of 2021 researching generative art, algorithmic composition, and its connection to the blockchain while building a base for the Cardano Sounds platform.


B.O.P. is an artist and a producer. He joined DZ in the beginning, created sounds for the first Cardano Sounds CNFTs and a logo.
He also helped form project ideas and designs.

Supported by:

7Fourteen is helping with social media and marketing. It's founded by Zipper ( and its goal is to help artists and projects starting with CNFTs.