Cardano Sounds NFT platform

NFTs need sound, and creators need a commonplace

And sometimes, it feels like it's missing.

Bridging gaps

Creators can be broken up into many categories: musicians, producers, audio engineers, designers, generative art coders, etc.

Finding a specific type of creator to collaborate with for projects can be difficult.

They also sometimes need "building blocks" as a base for creation.

How to empower creators?

First, you need to give them tools to create.

The Cardano Sounds platform will contain tools to create sound, combine it with other existing media, and mint NFTs directly for the lowest fees possible.

(demo: simple sequencer with a Dapp connector wallet minting - link)

Artists also need time.

In this society, time is money.

Creators using blockchain royalties could see greater returns over using traditional "Media Banks".

Cardano Sounds is trying to create a new economy inside NFTs where individual creators can use each other's work in a trustless manner. This could enable artists to focus only on their specialization and personal expression by earning royalties from their published pieces when other creators use them.

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