Giving more power to creators

Create sound

The Cardano Sounds platform combines research and open-source audio/music tools development with a blockchain.

There are tons of research and already built tools around audio and music. We want to give more power to the creators, not only by connecting these to blockchain and NFTs but also by combining user interactions with algorithms to create a new sound. This way, you don't need to be a musician to create a track with the right atmosphere for your NFT.

Use sound

You don't feel like creating new sounds?

Just choose them from the decentralized smart contract library.

Anytime you use those, creators get paid royalties.

Combine it with your existing media

When you create or choose a music track from our smart contract library, you will be able to combine it with pictures, videos, or other music to create new art and mint it directly on the Cardano blockchain.

The NFT with your new creation will reference the used asset and the transaction which paid royalties to its original creator.

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