CardanoSounds CNFT

The collection's purpose is to help fund CardanoSounds platform. Besides that, thanks to it's complex generative/minting process, it already builds a base other platform tooling.

CardanoSounds CNFT collection will come in three waves:

1. The first wave - open mint Jan 19th 7 PM UTC - Jan 20th 3 AM UTC

2. The second wave - open mint, February (time & date to be announced)

3. The third wave - open mint, March (time & date to be announced)

Each NFT will contain a music clip stored on IPFS and Arweave, a website with an animated player on Arweave, and a corresponding gif preview for and wallets. Clips are put together from pre-made sounds, but algorithmically, triggered by each mint TX, which means the number of transactions will determine the full collection size.

Supporter will also get Cardano Sounds Community Token with each CNFT. Source code docs: link (WIP)

Examples of Arweave websites for CNFTs minted on testnet with a fully automated process:

Already minted CNFTs are listed on the website.

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