Enable others to use your work by staking your sound (as NFT) into a smart contract and earning royalties

The goal is to create a smart contract library full of the best sounds and music on a blockchain.
Not only music tracks.
Original sound loops.
Audio effects.

Who is going to use it?

Artists creating stunning visuals could find a sound to complement their art to set the right mood.
NFT Gaming projects, Traditional Collection drops, Animated or Interactive NFT projects - All of these projects could greatly benefit from CardanoSounds.
Even musicians making NFTs can use CardanoSounds as on-chain building blocks.

Only sound?

In the first version, we will focus on providing sound as a foundation for creation and inspiration, complementing visual art.
However, there is also a plan to provide the same service for animations coded in p5.js (p5.js is a browser version for Processing, one of the most used technologies for generative art).
For example, our first NFT collection uses p5.js animations, reacting to the music, deployed as websites on Arweave.